Anime, Gaming, and Technology

Killer Otaku Robots is basically a group of friends that has joined forces to have fun and maybe make a few entertaining videos while doing it. Amongst other things we mostly do game streams, travel vlogs, how-to videos and Anime reviews. Basically we'll do a video on basically anything, as long as it's nerdy and fun.

We are techies at heart, we love technology and trying to learn what makes things tick. You will see that a lot in the content we create, KOR is about exploring the unknown, either in watching random Anime or by modifying a video game to see if it'll do something it was never designed to to.

We are trying to build a community as well as just a YouTube channel. We respect your feedback either positive of negative. Please let us know how we can improve or just hang out and chat. Below are a list of a few of the ways you can get a hold of us...